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i like this dress even better than the other one [Jun. 8th, 2005|12:57 am]
Delp/Thomas Wedding


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such an eventful day...

after i finished my mountain of homework, i got the bright idea to go back to the bridal shop and try on some dresses, because i was bored.

so i did.

i've found my dress, and it is now on layaway! i've also chosen a gorgeous veil, which i unfortunately don't have a picture of. when i get one, i will let you guys see it.

it's going to be a busy 18 months, folks. i'm going to be like nobu-
you'll have to book me 2 years in advance if you wanna see me.

i realized i'll be planning a wedding, preparing to graduate (august 06), and trying to get my applications turned in, and all my ducks in a row for grad school. i'll also be
working, and looking for a job.

so i figure knocking out the dress shopping and price checking, and
booking some vendors will help me out in the "pressed for time"

and stretching out the planning process helps too.


[User Picture]From: lauranrichard
2005-08-22 01:45 am (UTC)


Let me just say....
It sort of reminds me of the dress I am thisclose to getting!
Here it is

title or description

I know how tough it is to be in “BRIDE MODE” when your wedding is a ways off. I got engaged in 2004 & my wedding isn’t until May 2006. After my engagement, it was SO hard to resist making all of the big plans. My family & friends were always holding me back… “but you’ve got over 2 years!!!”. I must have heard that a thousand times, but guess what! I planned what I wanted to plan when I wanted to plan it & now I am glad that I did. I don’t have to worry about anyone booking my location, photographer, pastor, etc… because I planned so far ahead! Plus, planning ahead keeps everything organized. You have time to really research & do your homework. So, have FUN planning your special day! I will have fun reading about on your wedding journal! Feel free to add me to your friends list & you can read about my plans as well!! Good luck with everything sweetie!! ♥ Lauran

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[User Picture]From: lilcowgirl019
2005-08-22 01:18 pm (UTC)


that is gorgeous!

thanks for the encouragement. i have already booked our reception location, because it is one of the only places in town to have a reception and it books fast. so i have 3 big things out of the way, i guess. people keep telling me i have two years! i had to laugh when i read that.

I've been calling people and doing some reseaaarch for the time being.

i added you so i could read up on your plans as well! take care sweetie, and thanks for the encouragement!
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