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Delp/Thomas Wedding

Our Plans and Progress

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Jason and I knew each other in high school, and even had several mutual friends. We both played in the Asheboro High School band. Jason graduated a year ahead of me, and went on to college. I didn't see him for almost two years, when, as a senior in high school, I threw a New Year's Day party. Jason's Best Man and friend Jake Crane is also one of my good friends. I invited Jake to my party, who asked if he could bring a friend. I had no idea who the friend was, but agreed. When he got there, Jason showed up with him. I remember thinking how much he'd changed since high school and wondered if he was dating anyone. We started talking and goofing off, and continued to do so for much of the party. He called me later that week to invite me out for dinner, and the rest is history. We've now been together almost 3 years, and on our wedding day, we will have been together 4 1/2 years.

We created this journal so you could keep up with the progress of our wedding plans. Any changes, updates, or new plans will be posted here. I actually have a different livejournal. My name for that one is lilcowgirl019...read it on my friends page. Well, thanks for reading, and enjoy!

PS- If you have any advice or ideas, please post!